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pop-up book, 2008

The Golden Age for Children, illustrates the period of Ceausescu’s regime in Romania known as The Golden Age. The Golden Age for Children is an interactive book done in a pop-up book manner that is featuring artists’ biography intertwined with highlights from the grand narrative of the country’s past, thus creating a story which covers 20 years of Romanian contemporary history. The story begins in 1968, the year Stefan Constantinescu was born, and ends with the Revolution in 1989.
All texts are in English, Romanian and Swedish.

Edited by Andreea Cârnu, Giorgiana Zachia
Texts by Adina Brădeanu, Agnes Ers, Ion Grigorescu, Alexandru Polgár, Toader Popescu, Miruna Stroe, Alina Serban, Ana Maria Zahariade
Design and paper engineering by Arina Stoenescu
Illustrations by Mihai Coliban, Stefan Constantinescu, Arina Stoenescu
Project managers Angelica Iacob, Giorgiana Zachia
Published by The Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm in collaboration with Labyrint Press (Stockholm) and pionier press (Stockholm)

Financed by The Arts Grants Committee (Stockholm), Botkyrka konsthall (Stockholm), Eroik (Bucharest), The Institute forthe Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania (Bucharest), Labyrint Press (Stockholm), The Multicultural Centre (Stockholm), pionier press (Stockholm), Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm.

The Golden Age for Children (2008)
pop-up book

Gadget 3: hammer (2008)
wood, iron, acrylic
size: 30,3 x 9,5 x 3,5 cm

Photographs by Alexandru Timoșcă